Teatro Circo Price de Madrid, 2013

Nuria Legarda was invited as creator and director of new languages to the THEATRE RESEARCH WORKSHOP (TIT) by Andrés Lima. The Contemporary THEATRE RESEARCH WORKSHOP is a stage research initiative, with a long background, which for the last few months has held different research workshops prior to the production of “Capitalismo“.

Nuria Legarda participated in the workshops as a choreographer leading the physical work sessions during the year 2013. In its different stages guests of the workshop have been:

Juan Carlos Monedero, professor of Political Science and Administration at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Juan Antonio Jimeno, professor of Applied Economics and Rector of UNED
Marta Lozano, Director of Fair Trade in Spain
Marc Rosich, Juan Cavestany, Miguel del Arco, Alfredo Sanzol, Fermín Cabal, playwrights and directors
Alex Ollé, Stefan Metz, Sol Picó, creators and directors
Antón Valen, clown from Cirque de Soleil, Alba Sarraute, circus performer and Javier Rey, from Clowns Without Borders
Andrea Guzmán, daughter of the Chilean filmmaker Ignacio Guzmán
Joan Garcés, lawyer and former personal advisor to Salvador Allende
Jon Sistiaga and Olga Rodriguez, war correspondents
Aitana Sánchez Gijón, Carmen Machi, Pedro Casablanc, Irene Escolar, Alberto San Juan, Guillermo Toledo, Luis Bermejo, Fernando Tejero, Pepon Nieto, actors