«Nuria ofrece algo increíblemente único en Londres, particularmente para los actores entrenados en el reino Unido. Recomiendo encarecidamente asistir a este entrenamiento. Es absolutamente genial.» Sam Gillett, Reino Unido

«¡Verdaderamente una profesora increíble! ¡Mi actuación ha mejorado monumentalmente gracias a Nuria. ¡Gracias a ella estoy presente en el momento y emocionalmente disponible! ¡Todo esto siendo capaz de estar relajado y listo para jugar! Su clase me ha cambiado fundamentalmente como actriz y como persona.» Steph Vondell, U.S.A

«Nuria es una maestra y entrenadora increíble. Su trabajo es profundo, refinado y muy eficaz, en cuanto al permitir que cuerpo y emoción se conecten. ¡Ojalá pudiera trabajar con ella cada semana! ¡Magnífico!» Claudia Maninni, Italia




The workshops will focus on training the body, while identifying movement and postural habits and acquiring the tools necessary to modify and improve them.
Becoming aware of the skeleton, using muscles and support points precisely. This work will enhance your conception, perception and use of the body.

 Butoh, Yoga, Chinese medicine, Alexander technique and Anatomy of movement are some of the techniques that will be used to help necessitate a high physical presence – a presence imperative to performing in the moment, and a presence by which the audience are moved.
Work based on Body Weather as part of the Butoh dance in the work of endurance, coordination, rhythm, energy, flexibility. The focus of the exercises is to work on developing awareness, perception and the psycho-physical-emotional connection, to increase the ability and diversity of movement through individual work, in pairs and trios. To develop the relationship between body and space in the pursuit of precision and continual physical presence.

Aimed at professional actors, dancers and advanced students interested in being ready in your body.


The work I propose is a consequence of the experience shared for almost a decade with Javier Daulte, who is considered one of the best teachers, playwrights and directors in Argentina. 

The work starts from the basic idea that the actor must train his instrument as an athlete or a dancer does in his discipline. To do this he must work the «emotional apparatus» and thus keep it «available», to «commit» to the game instead of speculating on it. 
The work is carried out through a series of designed stage devices, in which the actors should not seek to represent anything; only to base themselves in the situation that the game poses, so that emotional truth will reign and produce the illusion of truth in what is presented, in a personal and unique way. 

It focuses on the improvisation of fully detailed narratives from which a series of theatrical concepts will be exposed and worked on, based on the game of being organic.
The work addresses the transition from commitment to the rule of play, ignoring any psychological justification for feeling, and seeking to be simply free in the performance.

Aimed at professional actors, dancers and advanced students interested in be ready in your acting.


Nuria Legarda
Theatre maker, choreographer, move director and performer. Trained in music, dance and theatre. She has worked in Barcelona, Italy, France, London. 
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Starting from the 13th of April to 9th of June