In September 2007 Nuria Legarda was invited by La Zampa to a research laboratory led by Magali Milian and Romuald Luydlin, directors of the company. It was attended by performers, creators, videographers, musicians and anthropologists selected in Micandase, Paris.

LA ZAMPA suggests a meeting point to exchange proposals and reflections. We wish to bring together dancers, actors, musicians, visual artists, videographers and lighting designers, but also anthropologists, critics and historians. This invitation does not seek to dissect the body from different points of view but rather to jointly observe how we perceive it today. Its different natures, alternatives and contradictions. How we would like to see it and bring it to the stage.”

Magali Milian Romuald Luydlin

Photo © Nuria Legarda, Yann Marquis, Loran Chourrau /