This project crystallises the concerns and motivation shared by the two choreographers of the French company La Zampa and Nuria Legarda in Barcelona. The opening up to the new emerging and personal writing processes.

The first meeting took place in 2002, during the festival MIRA! in Toulouse. We participated in the workshop “Prospective de l’interprète” (Performer’s Foresight) organised by the CDC Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées and directed by choreographers from such different universes as Cesc Gelabert, Tomàs Aragay, Olga Mesa or Sam Lowyck. Here, Nuria Legarda met Magali Milian and Romuald Luydlin, dancers and choreographers. Since then, they have maintained a close creative and personal relationship.

Later, through Bruno Geslin, La Zampa met the Compagnie Moebius in Montpellier and they identify with them because of their contemporary stage work and constant search.



BCN, 2010

MONTPELLIER, Febrière 2011

TOULOUSE, Juin 2010



La Zampa: Magali Milian, Romuald Luydlin

N Naranja: Nuria Legarda

Moebius: Thomas Bédécarrats, Charlotte Daquet, Cléia David, Christophe Gaultier, Sophie Lequenne, Jonathan Moussali, Marie Vauzelle, Marie Virès


With the collaboration of: