Invited director
Rose Bruford College London

“Who Deserves Greatness is a very powerful piece of theatre… and I think the most sophisticated piece of theatre I’ve ever seen at a drama college. It is mesmerizing, rooted in meaning and completely original… I’ve never seen anything like it. It moved the audience to tears but was ultimately wonderfully uplifting.”

Sara Stewart, actress

“I thoroughly enjoyed Nuria Legarda’s piece. Her strong interdisciplinary modes of creation and direction showcased a beautifully crafted and intricate performance. I wholeheartedly cannot wait to see her next project!””

Dr. Luis Campos. Rose Bruford Lecture

“Who Deserves Greatness, is visual poetry. It’s really moving even if I don’t know why. Good show! ”

Sam Gillett, actor and writer

“I think it is a very poetic, very moving, very imaginative piece, with an amazing musicality to it. I could watch it all over again, yeah!”

Fin Dineen, theatre writer and theatre maker

“It is completely original and extraordinary, with an absolutely different language full of preciseness and meaning. It’s totally brilliant.”

Peter Huhne, writer

The piece Who deserves greatness arises from the devised process led and directed by Nuria Legarda, as a final year project with the students of the European Theatre Arts in collaboration with Creative Lighting Control, Lighting Design, Performance Sound & Stage Management BA (Hons) at Rose Bruford College (UK).

This experimental scenic piece where the narrative discourse runs through image and movement, in coexistence with text, manipulation of objects and live music. The piece addresses some of the themes most present in Nuria’s previous works: ambition, power, vulnerability, resistance and survival as a basis to build one’s identity.

A series of situations take place in different spaces that range from a wake in which a man who voluntarily enters his grave, to lush forests where men and women fight in the most emaciated style of Shakespeare’s plays. Places where survival is the challenge: the fierce struggle to hold your breath and continue in the fictional pursuit of happiness.



Conception, direction and creation Nuria Legarda Andueza /with Lucy Barton, Marina A. Cabanero, Arianne Carless, Nhung Dang, Pablo G., Peiez, Curtis Gault, Daniel Graham, Christopher Hutchings, Lydia Markam, Alex McLeod, Daniella Sanderson, Jasmine J.Smith, Grace Scott, Phoebe Wagner, Joanna Walton, Anna, Wolszczak, Luke Vincent / Assistant Director Grace Lockwood / Sound Designer Thomas Mothersole supported by Sam Gillett / Video Designer Robin Senoner / Lighting Designer Jack Holloway / Costumes Antonia Day, Claudia Vogt/ Production Supervisor Lucy Hall / Production Manager Ross Monteiro/ Stage-manager Alex Ouaddane / Assistant stage-manager Ruby Webb / Assistant stage-manager Shane Ludlow / Technical Manager Matthias Bremer / Sound Manager Brad Rushmer / Sound Operator Rhiannon Lawrence / Lighting Operator and Programmer James Rodd / Operator and video programmer Roben P. Garcia / Production Electrician Dean Bennetts / Photography Michael O’Relly / Rehearsals photographer Joanna Walton.


The Barn Theatre, Rose Bruford Collage London, UK