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The sticking place, perhaps some realm which transfixes our attention, or perhaps the spot on an animal’s neck pricked for sacrifice. Nuria, in her magnificent production, manages to convey both meanings: the audience stays fixated upon the marvellous images she creates, whilst at the same time puncturing, like knives dissecting human behaviour. “

Sergi Pompermayer, play writer and stage director, Barcelona.

Nuria Legarda, in The Sticking Place, as is ever the case in her work, shines focus to the invisible threads that weave our relationships, the spaces that we inhabit, the desires and fears that we must almost never confront and the internal forces which come to our rescue, when all appears lost.
Scenes pass by before our eyes, with both the delicacy and violence of a stifled
scream, landscapes, which are replete with sound, sights, motion and comedy
and the necessary smoke to tolerate the pain of existence.”

David Selvas, actor and stage director, Barcelona.

The project The sticking place arises from the piece created and directed by Nuria Legarda, as a final year project with the students of the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático (ESAD) and with the collaboration of students from the Conservatorio Superior de Danza (CSD) at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, ​​and the Polytechnic University of Barcelona (UPC).

The sticking place is a theatre piece, designed through the lens of the body and visual composition. The work investigates the construction of the self in relation to family relationships. The effort to protect those hard-to-expose truths when a disturbing and distorted web of ties is unmasked by abuse, obsession, and discontent. The sticking place is a place which lies within ourselves, called upon when only courage can face up to the subterfuges of our inherited existence. It brings about the triumph of transformation, freedom and equality of the individual, where the authenticity of our uniqueness is preserved.

“Screw your courage to the sticking place“
Lady Macbeth





The originality of the proposal lies in both promoting individual and collaborative research amongst a future wave of theatre makers, therefore deliberately devising an interdisciplinary rehearsal process. For this to be achieved, multiple and simultaneous artistic language composition strategies are used in the development of a relational interdisciplinary dramaturgy, typical of Nuria Legarda’s approach to creation. This will promote the development of new skills and research tools that generate artistic pieces with original aesthetic forms, typical of a contemporary theatre.



Conception and direction Nuria Legarda Andueza / Composition and dramaturgy Nuria Legarda Andueza / with Josep Casanova González, Andrea Marinel·lo Lamiel, Laia Merino Olmo / Changing room and lighting Patricia Arbizu, Alejandra Lorenzo (Final Work in Scenography BA) / Development and technological research Clara Rendé (Final Work of Master in Telecommunication Engineering), Tindari Sgró (Final Work of Degree in Engineering of Telecommunication Technologies and Services) / (Final Work of Degree in Engineering of Telecommunication Technologies and Services) / Sound Sam Gillett / Assistant to the director Ona Sallas Batlle (Transversal practices Direction BA) / ESAD figures Paula Muñoz Ninou, CSD Emilia Arias García, Candela Capitán López, Hilario Montoro Garcia, Maria Ollé Herce / Professor and coordination UPC Ramón Bragós / Coordination ESAD Elisabet Castells i Negre / Photography Felipe Mena.


Vilma López, Marc Ases, Carlos Lucena, Toni Suñé, Xus Martinez (IT Theatres), Carme Vidal (IT Wardrobe), Eric de Gispert Koper, Oriol Serra Pineda (IT Audiovisuals), Montse Amenós, Jon Berrondo, Anna Solanilla, Soraya Hidalgo, Ferran Marques, Montse Vellvehí, Raimon Molins, Magda Puyo.



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