“Her unique and rigorous vision of the stage, which pursues a fine level of detail, provided constant transformative nourishment for the dancers and performers involved in the piece.» Rubén Molina, Choreographer and dancer, Paris
“In ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’, […] Nuria was able to combine precision and sensitivity, complexity and lightness. ” Julio Manrique actor and director, Barcelona

Nuria Legardaoffers her unique approach and methodology to national and international companies and distinguished European drama schools. She shares her vision as a theatre maker, director and choreographer in the performing arts.

Collaboration consists of co-creating, with a company or an artist to develop a piece in whichever capacity specified as a:

  • theatre maker
  • choreographer
  • movement director
  • director
  • performer

Commissioned work to lead a project, as well as to participate in research projects, conferences or talks about research and creation in the performing arts. These commissions work are proposed by:

  • theaters
  • festivals
  • faculties
  • drama schools

Likewise, to participate in research projects, lectures or talks around performing arts’ research.

To contact Nuria Legarda, please get in touch via this web. You can join the Facebook group or Instagram to follow news of upcoming events.