Choreography and Movement director Assistant director

by William Shakespeare dramaturgy by Sergi Pompermayer and David Selvas, directed by David Selvas

Biblioteca Nacional de Catalunya


On “Timon of Athens,” in addition to being the assistant director, she worked primarily as movement director and choreographer. In my case, I played Timon, who was broken, falling into the hell of poverty, ruin, into nothing. In the play, the stage was filled with rubbish and debris. Nuria took my hand and helped me to walk, eat and sleep on it, making the landfill my cave, my home, my world. It helped me to relate to the objects around me, filling the space and becoming a part of the landscape. Using that physical consciousness I was able to launch the powerful, lucid, despairing verses of Shakespeare.
Julio Manrique, lead actor in Timon of Athens



Direction David Selvas /Translation Salvador Oliva /Dramaturgy Sergi Pompermayer and David Selvas /With Julio Manrique, Marta Marco, Jordi Rico, Mireia Aixalà, Albert Ribalta, Enric Auquer, Oscar Rabadán and Felix Pons /Assistant director Nuria Legarda /Choreography and movement Nuria Legarda /Set design Max Glaenzel /Scenography construction Xarli /Image and sound Mar Orfila y Ramon Ciércoles /Costumes Maria Armengol /Costume assistant Maite del Olmo García /Phoyography Felipe Mena /Graphic design Joan Aguadé /Production La Brutal