Artistic collaboration

by Rubén Molina

Théâtre Gymnase Paris


“Working with Nuria has been an incredible experience. Nuria has a great capacity for adaptation and creativity. She also has the ability to direct speaking fluent French and English. She has great sensitivity and a high level of commitment, which creates a productive enthusiasm in the rehearsal room. Her unique and rigorous vision of the stage, which pursues a fine level of detail, provided constant transformative nourishment for the dancers and performers involved in the piece.” Rubén Molina, Choreographer and dancer, Paris.


“I had the privilege of working in MÁTAME with Nuria last January 2020 in Paris, in a new flamenco show by the dancer and choreographer Rubén Molina. As an invited director, Nuria helped us to initiate rehearsals by exploring the space, and a variety of flamenco movements, always with a kind touch that unlocks expressive capacity. I felt appreciated and elevated by her direction. She takes the time to propose her vision honesty with care and respect. I loved our sessions that empowered me making me feel stronger and more connected on stage. Thank you Nuria, I learned so much!” Sharon Sultan

Nuria led us through a fascinating process in which all possibilities were explored with total freedom, without feeling lost or pressured at any time, whilst still facilitating beautiful and sophisticated results. An enjoyable rehearsal period in which the notions of observation, research and engagement were perfectly coordinated with effectiveness. It was wonderful to see how Nuria created the conditions for results to emerge without feeling, as a dancer, the pressure or the judgment involved in striving for a particular outcome. She takes an interest in every detail within each component of the production. She managed to generate trust, commitment and was a very valuable presence at all times for the piece and for each of us as dancers. A great experience!Paloma López


Choreography and directionRubén Molina / Artsitic collaboration Nuria Legarda / DancersRubén Molina, Sharon Sultan, Paloma López / Cantaor Alberto García / GuitaristDani Barba / Percussion Cédric Diot / Musical compositionDaniel Barba / Lighting Élisse Boisseau / SoundChristine Digier / Costumes María Molina.