‘Nuria’s work is bold, authentic and distinctive.’ Graeme Miller, interdisciplinary artist and composer, London.

Nuria Legarda develops experimental interdisciplinary theatre that explores image as a form of narration. Her work is rooted in interdisciplinary relational dramaturgy, involving compositional strategies to merge multiple and simultaneous artistic languages .

“Legarda enacts her ideas, images, compositions and concepts using whichever discipline necessary to construct a dark, melancholic conceptual and visceral 3 world. She conjures a strong sense of complicity with the audience and guarantees a captivating experience.” Toni Casares, director of Sala Beckett, Barcelona

Nuria Legarda’s productions explore the borders of normative human behaviourand seek to confront the audience with values of contemporary society, embodying the notion of societyas a manifestation of our internal processes.

“I am frequently impressed by Nuria’s instinct as a practitioner. She brings a potent mixture of rigour and imagination. She sets in herself high standards, which manifest in her work with depth and meaning.” Eliot Shrimpton, Head Academic Studies Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London.

Her practice and research aim towards new forms of theatrical expression, layering and merging collisions of material, which occur between different disciplines, where theatrical languages come into conflict to generate something new.

“Nuria Legarda is a creative who has the ability to lead and involve the team with her ideas, and the talent to inspire and frame various theatrical languages. Her work exudes passion and rigour. She is thrilling and a pleasure to work with.” Montse Prat, producer specialised in performing arts, cultural events and training.

Her approach to the devising process promotes experimentation from an intercultural and interdisciplinary perspective that includes the audience as a fundamental component to the piece.

Nuria Legarda combines an inquisitiveness to experiment with contemporary processes of making theatre, with a constant engagement with the cutting edge of the performing arts, whilst reviewing her own practice.

“Nuria is an artist with an insatiable curiosity and a rigorously investigative attitude towards her work. Her distinctively personal approach breeds unique art which scintillates, and memorises. This has allowed for an eclectic and rich career to date.” Anna Furse, director of MA in Performance Making, at Goldsmiths University of London.

Nuria Legarda offers a range of workshops, which provide her methodology of devising and training for performers. The purpose of her personal approach is also, to promote individual and collaborativeresearch, that generates authentic and original work.

“Nuria is an excellent, rigorous, sensitive trainer. I carry her teaching with me to this day and have truly shifted as a performer after our time together.” Iniki Bridget Mariano. Singapore. Guildhall Music & drama school’s student, London.

“‘Working with Nuria was a huge turning point in how I approached my work. She is that very rare thing, a true artistic voice.” Alex Papachristou. Guildhall Music and Drama School’s student, London.

Nuria Legarda brings these fundamentals into practice through her own Productions & Research, Collaborations & Commissions and through the transmission Learn & Train programs.

“Actress and dancer, with a multidisciplinary career, Nuria has an enormous capacity to understand and accompany creative processes, both from the perspective of a creator and a performer. She is rigorous and demanding without filters. A privilege to work with.” Pep Ambròs, actor.



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