Nuria Legarda’s rich experience in performer training has formed a line of work founded upon practicing body awareness and the releasing of tension.
Her work is based on the knowledge and use of the body as a psycho-physical-emotional system, which can generate different forms: textual and visual, and act in harmony with whatever theatrical language or style of dramaturgic composition requires of it.


Nuria’s work is based on the study and practice of the following:

– Techniques of body awareness through the parameters taught by Alexander Technique, Grinberg Method, Eutony, Yoga, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
– Expanding upon movement set out by Laban and Body Weather.
– Elaboration upon the physical vocabulary used by said former techniques as worked with leading theatrical dance artists such as Pina Baush, Peeping Tom and Franco di Francescantonio.
– The practice of physical theatre, which takes inspiration from the work done with Yves Marc co-director of Theatre du Mouvement, a disciple of Etienne Decroux.
– The emotional availability of the actor to service a linear narrative, as taught from her 10 years’ worth of experience with Javier Daulte.
– The relationship between body and space; work explored by Claire Heggen co-director of Theatre du Mouvement.

The following courses, which Nuria Legarda offers, focus on:

– Creation as a constant process of practice regarding form and content.
– The positions of the creator-director and the performer as positions of constant growth.
– The use of specific tools in an actor’s studies, to service the development of personal abilities, to improve the quality of being in personal and professional life.


“If you know who you really are, discover your talents and your purposes in life. This will allow you to do what you love and as you do things with love, you will gain what you need”.
Eric Fromm