“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

The benefits reaped from the training of actors, produce a direct effect on development and improvement of abilities in personal and professional life.

One of the crucial areas of work in training actors is in developing awareness to release tension and improve the use of the body. This is because in moments of high pressure, as in front of an audience, the body can become blocked with tension.
Human beings have the capacity to recall an experience from the past, and reflect this physical and emotional state from the past onto the present. The body remembers and reproduces better than a conscious mind. It has the same ability and power of the mind, and so appears as what we call habit.

During all these years I managed to prove that from practicing different body techniques and improving the awareness of our own body it is fundamental to notice our habits and therefore to be able to change them. This is what we need for a better awareness and improvement in the use of our body.
The Body is a great receiver, which gathers in a conscious or unconscious way. To establish a conscious dialogue of listening and changing will nurture your physical, mental and emotional state. You choose!

“Changing is to think beyond how we feel. Changing is to act transcending the usual feelings we have memorized in our body”.
Joe Dispenza

The courses I am offering focus on practical exercises that will improve mental and physical possibilities, expanding the well-being capacity.

Aimed at To anyone who is interested:

– Improve the ability to know how is your body, here and now
– Improve physical posture and as follows change physical and mental state
– Creating new physical states that will generate new experiences
– Empower the sensation to be anchored in your centre improving your confidence and predisposition to create and cooperate

“We must learn to stop in the middle of the crazy rhythm in which we live and consider if we are going where we really want to go today”.
Mario Alonso Puig



Move to Move & Ready to Act workshops are creative spaces for freedom that challenge your boundaries and, above all else, make you enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Nuria is a high-qualified and generous practitioner who makes you feeling committed to the group and the work from the very beginning.
Elena Casero, Londres