Courses, which focus on creative practice, with the objective of generating personal theatrical vocabulary for the devising of pieces. The courses encourage:

– The practice of experimentation with stages of the creative process, from ideas to scenic proposals.
– Discovery within the coexistence of different artistic styles.
– Developing one’s own methodology through the fundamental idea that thoughts and practice are in relation to one another, and transform themselves throughout the whole creative process.
– Exploring and acquiring the necessary skills to develop one’s personal proposal as well as to work alongside other disciplines.

“Creativity requires the ability to get rid of certainties”.
Erich Fromm

Each workshop can orientate towards a specific theatrical language or towards the interrelation between different languages depending on the interest of the group or organizer. The courses are focused towards the practice of:

– Composition through physical work
– Body work in relation to objects and materials and to visual narrative
– Playwriting through the relationship between movement and text.
– Adapting classical plays through a physical and visual approach.
– Experimenting with multidisciplinary theatrical languages with artists from different styles to form a deeper understanding of scenic practice.

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”.
Pablo Picasso


She’s a theater beast. One of the best teachers I had!
Aleix Peña Miralles, Barcelona

Nuria gave me a new vision of art, as she throws it out from deep inside creating the same in whoever is arround her. She teaches you how to be creative through your own essence! Do not miss her.
Mireia Farré Canela, Barcelona