Courses which focus on training the body to improve awareness of its use as an instrument on stage.

Regularly repeating a training gives us the opportunity to know all the
different aspects of our corporal structure and nature;
bones, muscles, nerves as well as the mind and feelings”
Andres Corchero
master in Body Weather,
a training created in 1973 for Min Tanaka, teacher and dancer of butoh dance.

The influence of working with Andres Corchero transformed Nuria Legarda’s notions of training, discovery and elaboration of movement, as well as the practice of listening and attention as fundamental to the existence of the body… Painting landscapes with the body through experiencing the external and internal, creating dramaturgies through personal and unique visual poetry.


She’s an awesome teacher. If you have the chance to work with her TRY IT!!! Movement/theatre/performance.. woman = ARTIST
Sandra Morales, Barcelona