Work, which emerges from almost a decade’s worth of experience with the master, playwright, screenwriter and director Javier Daulte, based around the actor’s emotional capacity; his essential idea, being that an actor must train this ability as a musician, athlete or dancer would in their disciplines.  Therefore an actor has to work on the emotional apparatus, and so maintain the availability to play rather than pretend.

The work develops through a series of set improvisations, in which the actor has to simply accept the rules of the game, instead of seeking to represent, so that the emotional truth operates and produces the illusion of truth onto what has been presented, in a personal and unique way.

“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”. T.S. Eliot


Nuria is an artist with an eagle look. She sees everything with a lot of detail. That is why she can help actors to be able full of interpretive truth. A mixture of a refine sense of humor and discipline flood her character. She is honest and creative. I had the pleasure and the luck to participate in her training of the method of Javier Daulte and she helped me a lot to clean layers in the acting work. Something we have to keep doing forever.
Rut Talavera, Madrid

Truly an amazing teacher! My acting has improved monumentally thanks to Nuria. Thanks to her I am in the moment and emotionally available! All this while being able to be relaxed and ready to play! Your class has fundamentally changed me as an actress and a person.
Steph Vondell, Chicago.

Nuria is offering something incredibly unique here, in London, particularly for U.K. trained actors. I would highly recommend coming along this training. It’s absolutely brilliant.
Sam Gillett, Londres