Nuria Legarda – Multidisciplinary theatre maker
Theatre maker, Choreographer, Movement Director and Teacher.
Trained in music and dance, she found in theatre the place where they can coexist. Later she continued expanding her perspectives and broadening theatre language through the installation and the audiovisual.


“She is considered one of the most restless and, consequently, one of the most unclassifiable artists in the Catalan artistic panorama.”

Toni Puntí, journalist and presenter of the programme Ànima, TV3



“I am seduced by the forcefulness of life and the effervescence of the inner world of the individual.I’m fascinated by the coexistence of theatrical languages at the service of content. Exploring one’s own sensitivity in depth to call on the monster we carry inside and listen to the fight to keep it enclosed within ourselves.”

Nuria Legarda



Nuria Legarda Andueza  

She started her musical studies at the age of 9 at the Conservatoire Sarasate in Pamplona where she obtained a Diploma for Classical Music and Violoncello. At the age of 13 she began her studies in classical and contemporary dance at the Escuela del Gobierno de Navarra. She obtained a Diploma in Musical Education at University of Rioja and a BA in Performing Arts at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona 1996/00 thanks to a scholarship from Gobierno de Navarra.

Since these studies she has practised techniques of body awareness such as Alexander Technique, Movement Anatomy, Eutony, Grinberg, Hatha-Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Butoh and so expanded and transformed her vision of movement and the use of the actor as an instrument of interpretation.

She worked with the Theatre Company Comediants (1998-2004). She ended her BA with her final year project called Allà Voy! For which she obtained a score of 9.5/10.

Her interest in devised visual and physical theatre, took her to Paris, funded by the Generalitat de Catalunya with the company Theatre du Moviment directed by Yves Marc and Claire Haggen. She then returned to Barcelona where she went on to develop: 



She created the association N NARANJA (2006-2010). Since then her personal projects have revolved around search and creation in the coexistence of different languages: movement, text, audiovisual; in different exhibition formats: stage, visual or installations. 


She has artistically collaborated as Choreographer of The Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, directed by Julio Manrique at Teatre Lliure; Lehman Brothers, directed by Roberto Romei at La Villarroel (Grec 2016); Don Juan by Moliere directed by David Selvas at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Timó d'Atenes by William Shakespeare directed by David Selvas at Biblioteca de Catalunya, 2014, also pieces directed by Andrés Lima, Sergi Pompermayer, Marilia Samper, Álex Mañas, Carol López, Toni Casares, Magda Puyo, Javier Daulte, Jordi Faura, Pere Riera, Marta Buchaca...

As director, director's assistant David Selvas, María Legarda, Toni Casares, Magda Puyo, Javier Daulte.

As dancer and actress with artists, playwrights and directors such as Tomàs Aragay, Olga Mesa, Cesc Gelabert, Sam Louwick and Heddy Maalem, Helena Tornero, Javier Daulte, Franco di Francescantonio, Joan Baixas, Javier Mariscal; the companies Senza Tempo and Comediants. Cinema with Marcel·lí Antúnez, Miquel García Borda and television.


Her work as a pedagogue focuses on movement, performance and creation. Since 2002 she has directed numerous workshops. She is Head of the Department of Body and Dance at the Escuela Superior Nova Eolia and professor at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona. She has collaborated with the Escuela Navarra de Teatro and at present with the Escoula de verano Prima del Teatro, European School for the Art of the Actor, Italy (2005, 2014).  Nuria Legarda is currently studying a for a masters in Performance Making at Goldsmith’s University in London, In his passion for research in the creation of a contemporary theater based on artistic hybridity. 

Nuria Legarda is currently studying a for a masters in Performance Making at Goldsmith’s University in London, In his passion for research in the creation of a contemporary theater based on artistic hybridity.



2009 Nominated for the Premio Butaca for the Best Show in other disciplines: La Cena.
2008 Institut del Teatre Award for staging projects Nominated for the Premis Butaca de teatre i cinema de Catalunya 


2016 Scholarship for Advanced Performing Arts, New creative industries and thinking for MA Performance Making at Goldsmiths University London.
2014 Generalitat de Catalunya Research and creation scholarship in the field of the performing arts for World ofWolves. 
2010 Generalitat de Catalunya Research and creation scholarship in the fields of art and thought for Claim Your Place.
2010 Grant for Research and creation in the artistic and thought fields of Claim Your Place - PE (stage piece).
2001 Festival de Tàrrega scholarship which enables her to attend a Stage International de Jeunes Comédiens on the Lecoq technique with François Roy. Festival d'Avignon OFF, Avignon, France. 

2001 / 2002 Government of Catalonia scholarship to broaden studies: company Théâtre du Mouvement Yves Marc and Claire Heggen, Paris

1997 / 2000 Government of Navarre scholarship - Dramatic Arts at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.


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